About Us

We tackle some of the biggest supply chain problems...daily

With us by your side, you can gain control over costs, minimize risks, and continually improve outcomes. We can help you exceed customer expectations, grow your business, and outpace competitors.

Our mission

Our people, processes, and technology improve the world’s transportation and supply chains, delivering exceptional value to our customers and suppliers.

Our vision

Accelerating commerce through the world’s most powerful supply chain platform.

Our values

Our values rally us together behind your business success. See how our EDGE becomes your competitive advantage.

Our competitive EDGE

Together, we can accelerate your business advantage

15,000 supply chain experts

Local knowledge, global expertise

280 offices, 1 global network

Local experts in neighborhoods across the globe

1 single global technology platform

End to end visibility, no matter your size or scale

76,000+ contract carriers & suppliers

A reliable network for every shipment type

124,000 active customers worldwide

Multiple industries, markets, and sizes

$16.6B in total revenues, 2018

Our long-term growth is based on your success

A unique perspective into the global supply chain

Global logistics management is a many-faceted venture that differs by industry. Learn how C.H. Robinson’s expertise can move any type of supply chain—from fresh produce to the latest fashions—around the world.